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Np Complete And Np Hard Problems Pdf

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Basic concepts We are concerned with distinction between the problems that can be solved by polynomial time algorithm and problems for which no polynomial time algorithm is known. Example for the first group is ordered searching its time complexity is O log n time complexity of sorting is O n log n.

A problem is NP-hard if all problems in NP are polynomial time reducible to it, even though it may not be in NP itself.

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What are P, NP, NP-complete, and NP-hard - Quora

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What are P, NP, NP-complete, and NP-hard - Quora

Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am trying to understand these classifications and why they exist. Is my understanding right?

NP-Hard and NP-Complete Problems. Aims: • To describe SAT, a very important problem in complexity theory;. • To describe two more classes of problems: the.

NP Hard and NP-Complete Classes

In computational complexity theory , a problem is NP-complete when:. More precisely, each input to the problem should be associated with a set of solutions of polynomial length, whose validity can be tested quickly in polynomial time , [2] such that the output for any input is "yes" if the solution set is non-empty and "no" if it is empty. The complexity class of problems of this form is called NP , an abbreviation for "nondeterministic polynomial time".

NP-complete problem , any of a class of computational problems for which no efficient solution algorithm has been found. Many significant computer-science problems belong to this class—e. So-called easy, or tractable , problems can be solved by computer algorithms that run in polynomial time ; i. Algorithms for solving hard, or intractable , problems, on the other hand, require times that are exponential functions of the problem size n. Polynomial-time algorithms are considered to be efficient, while exponential-time algorithms are considered inefficient, because the execution times of the latter grow much more rapidly as the problem size increases.

A readable, straightforward guide by two authors with extensive experience in the field, Computers and Intractability shows how to recognize NP-complete problems and offers practical suggestions for dealing with them effectively. The book covers the basic theory of NP-completeness, provides an overview of alternative directions for further research, and contains an extensive list of NP-complete and NP-hard problems, with more than main entries and several times as many results in total.

NP-complete problem

In computational complexity theory , Karp's 21 NP-complete problems are a set of computational problems which are NP-complete. In his paper, "Reducibility Among Combinatorial Problems", [1] Richard Karp used Stephen Cook 's theorem that the boolean satisfiability problem is NP-complete [2] also called the Cook-Levin theorem to show that there is a polynomial time many-one reduction from the boolean satisfiability problem to each of 21 combinatorial and graph theoretical computational problems, thereby showing that they are all NP-complete. This was one of the first demonstrations that many natural computational problems occurring throughout computer science are computationally intractable , and it drove interest in the study of NP-completeness and the P versus NP problem. Karp's 21 problems are shown below, many with their original names. The nesting indicates the direction of the reductions used. As time went on it was discovered that many of the problems can be solved efficiently if restricted to special cases, or can be solved within any fixed percentage of the optimal result.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am aware of many resources all over the web. I'd like to read your explanations, and the reason is they might be different from what's out there, or there is something that I'm not aware of. I assume that you are looking for intuitive definitions, since the technical definitions require quite some time to understand. First of all, let's remember a preliminary needed concept to understand those definitions.


Niles A. Biologists working in the area of computational protein design have never doubted the seriousness of the algorithmic challenges that face them in attempting in silico sequence selection. It turns out that in the language of the computer science community, this discrete optimization problem is NP -hard. The purpose of this paper is to explain the context of this observation, to provide a simple illustrative proof and to discuss the implications for future progress on algorithms for computational protein design.

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Prerequisite: NP-Completeness.


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NP: the class of decision problems that are solvable in polynomial time on a Complete. Ex: Clique. • A problem is NP-hard if an algorithm for solving it can be​.


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any other NP-Complete problem. • NP-Hard problems are slow to verify, slow to.


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