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View My Stats. Indonesia has a high potential for the diversity of flora and fauna species together with their ecosystem. Preservation of natural resources can be done through conservation using the concept of ecotourism. The purpose of this research is to identify the potential of the flora and fauna in Biodiversity Park of Pelawan Forest for tourist attraction. The study was conducted from October to January through inventory and in-depth interview. The analysis on the results of this study indicate that there are 41 species of 27 families of plants and species of animals consisting of amphibians 6 species , reptiles 16 species , birds 99 species and mammals 14 species.

Plant and animal life

There are more than 3, tree species, including durian , which bears large, armoured, odorous yet edible fruit; sandalwood ; Shorea macrophylla , which yields illipe nuts, a fruit that contains a fat substance similar to cocoa butter; and valuable timber varieties such as teak and ironwood. Thousands of plant species are exploited for economic purposes, either directly or indirectly. The most important vegetation type is the mixed lowland and hill tropical rainforest, which occurs below 5, feet 1, metres. It is characterized by a large number of species, including high-canopied and buttressed trees and woody, thick-stemmed lianas climbing plants. Epiphytes plants that derive nourishment from the air and usually live on another plant such as orchids and ferns , saprophytes plants that live on dead or decaying matter , and parasites are well developed. Above 5, feet 1, metres this forest gives way to temperate upland forest dominated by oak , laurel , tea , and magnolia species.

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The fauna of Indonesia is characterised by high levels of biodiversity and endemicity due to its distribution over a vast tropical archipelago. The Wallace Line , around which lies the Wallacea transitional region, notionally divides the two regions. Environmental issues due to Indonesia's rapid industrialisation process and high population growth , have seen lower priority given to preserving ecosystems. The origin of fauna in Indonesia was determined by geographical and geological events on the Asian continental landmass and the Australasian continental landmass now Australia. This supercontinent began to break up million years ago, and the new Australia-New Guinea continent previously known as Sahul moved towards the equator.

Just like common tropical islands, in Bali you will find a wide variety of plants by surprise. Huge banyan trees are everywhere in the villages by the Bale banjar or pavilion, or temples ground. Tamarind is also a typical Balinese tree mostly found in the north coast, as well as clove at the highlands. Meanwhile acacia, flame tree and mangrove can be found along the south coastlines.


Regulation Number 7 Year 1999 on Preserving Flora and Fauna Species (Indonesian)

Many sources credit Indonesia as the most species rich country on earth. Only decisive action and a paradigm shift towards meaningful conservation commitments by industry and the Indonesian government will prevent a catastrophic epidemic of extinctions in the coming decades. Please join us to ensure our work is not too late. And there is still much to be discovered. Indonesia has more species of mammal than any other nation, an incredible species by most counts. Unfortunately, Indonesia also leads the world in the number of threatened mammals at species, which is nearly a third of all of its native mammals. With the extinctions of the Balinese and Javan tigers, the Sumatran tiger is the only surviving species of Indonesian tiger.

Biosci Biotech Res Asia ;13 4. The method used was observation, survey and desk methods. In addition, it also found other fauna such as pigs, mice, wild chicken etc.

The planet Earth is a beautiful place to live in. Life has flourished on the planet, thanks to the bountiful sun and vast oceans of water. No matter where we go on the planet, there are stunning plants, flowers, and animals that catch our attention. They are two very important aspects of any eco-system. Of all the living organisms on the planet, the most commonly seen by us are the plant life and the animal life. Apart from these two, more forms of life abound in the earth, but are harder to see with the naked eye. This is why the flora and fauna i.


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Indonesia’s Rainforests: Biodiversity and Endangered Species

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