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Mobile Charger Circuit Diagram And Components Pdf

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6 Useful DC Cell phone Charger Circuits Explained

This DC supply can be used to charge mobiles as well as the power source for digital circuits, breadboard circuits, ICs, microcontrollers etc. The basic concept remains the same, you just need to arrange a heat sink for higher voltage and current. This circuit mainly consists a step down Transformer, a Full wave bridge rectifier and a 5V voltage regulator IC In transformer there are primary and secondary coils which step up or step down the voltage according to the no of turn in the coils.

Selection of proper transformer is very important. Current rating depends upon the Current requirement of Load circuit circuit which will use the generate DC. The voltage rating should be more than the required voltage.

Rectification is the process of removing the negative part of the Alternate Current AC , hence producing the partial DC. This can be achieved by using 4 diodes. Diodes only allow current to flow in one direction. This Combination converts the negative half cycle into positive.

A full wave bridge rectifier component is available in the market, which consist that combination of 4 diode internally. Here we have used this component. The output after the Rectification is not a proper DC, it is oscillation output and has a very high ripple factor. Capacitor charge till the waveform goes to its peak and discharge into Load circuit when waveform goes low.

So when output is going low, capacitor maintains the proper voltage supply into the Load circuit, hence creating the DC. Now how the value of this filter capacitor should be calculated. Here is the formulae:. As the negative part of the pulse is converted into positive, one pulse will be counted two.

Now 1. When capacitor discharges into load circuit, it must provide 7v to IC to work so finally V is:. A voltage regulator IC is used to provide a regulated 5v DC. Input voltage should be 2volts more than the rated output voltage for proper working of IC, means at least 7v is needed, although it can operate in input voltage range of V.

Voltage regulators have all the circuitry inside it to provide a proper regulated DC. Here is the complete circuit diagram for cell phone charger circuit :.

You need to be very careful while building this circuit, as AC mains V is involved here. Good brother i think the schematic is clearly given on this page :.

Sir i don not know how to connect transformer to the circuit. What is output of circuit If lower than 2A how to get it there. It will depend upon the Transformer, here 1A Transformer is used. The regulator will only supply up to 1A, so the circuit is not suitable for 2A even with a different transformer. I'm making a similar circuit and would just like to know the specifications of the full wave bridge rectifier used above.

Thank you. Its mentioned in circuit diagram, its 0. Hi I'm making a similar project. I'd just like to know whats the model of the rectifier that you've used. Its v 1A Full Wave Bridge Rectifier, can be easily available on any electronics components shop or online stores like ebay. How can this circuit be adapted in a locality where voltage fluctuate. What is the efficiency?. From your figure, the voltage measured was 5. How about over voltage, overcurrent protection? I think you have drawn the circuit incorrectly.

The way you've drawn it, diodes D1 and D3 short out the transformer output on negative cycles. Your circuit has the junction of D1 and D3 is connected to the transformer centre-tap, although that's not very clear the way you've drawn it. You need to remove D1 and D3 completely, and the circuit will then work as you meant it to. You do not need and should not use a bridge rectifier with a centre-tapped transformer. The other way to fix your circuit is not to connect the centre-tap of the transformer to ground, but then you'll have 18v AC across the bridge, which will be about 25v DC, and the regulator will then dissipate a lot of heat.

Also, you should put a 0. Requirements sais i must use a supercapacitor so that the unit will continue to provide electrical energy for 2 minutes even if the unit is unplugged. I hope i can get a response. Thank youuuu. I tried this circiut and output is 2. Hi Bat-Erdenr, Could you provide more detail information about your question? Was your experiment result 2. Did you use exactly same components which drawn on this circuit?

Good day sir! I need to build a Vac — 5Vdc, 2A linear power supply. Which of your components do I need to change to accomplish this? Thank you! I shall try make this charger. Thank you for setting. I need the output to be 9V and 1. How do I regulate or set the current at the output to 1. I guess the 78xx series IC's have a maximum current of 1A.

Should I use an LM? Can I control current at output using additional circuitry? Use transformer and yes use LM for better results. What about inverter. This is a 5V adaptor not charger. Sir, i want to make adapter with output 5V , 1A.. How can we increase 1a to 3a. Parag, Cvbjjv, Banjo: First you should select the Transformer accordingly, and then you need to select components, that can bear the current according to the Load, so that they wont burn up.

Like roughly IC can handle 1A current, depending upon the load. Hello how to make multiple mobile charger at least 10 mobiles charge at once. How to make the output becomes 12 V? Will this circuit still work if i replace the transformer. Is it okay to use 5v zener diode and 1k ohm resistor to disipate the ripples?

Yes, you can, better use 6v Zener diode. My cell phone charger out put voltage only. It is not desirable. But i can not under stand the problem. Please answer me. Dear Sir, I am trying to make mobile charger using wind energy. But I am getting only 2mAmp in place of mAmp.

How can I achieve it? Hey I want the circuit design for making mobile charger And how did you calculate the Hz? Yes you can skip step first but you also need to consider the current rating your Generator. I need a charger circuit without any tranformar. How to prepare mobile phone charger without any transformer?? Sir I want to make charger 5v to 12v Regulated output. I want to prduce modulated phone wave from to Hz.

I am trying to make a simple water level indicator using the data taken from internet only. Good Day Sir,,. How do i use a transformer with 11v output. You can use 11v transformer with this circuit, current rating should be less than 1A, what is the current rating of your transformer? Sir, Please tell me why my mobile charger is showing charging but battery is not charging what could be the problem in any mobile? Hello sir i need sm help please i hv transformer now its giving me dc output is near 13v but i wanted to charge my my 2.

What should we have to do if we need output current of 2A.

Mobile charger circuit diagram, 100-220V AC

A DC cell phone or mobile phone charger is a device which charges a cellphone from an available DC supply source. The device converts the unregulated DC source into a constant current and constant voltage output which becomes safe for any mobile phone charging. In this article we learn how to build DC to DC cell phone charger circuits using 6 unique concepts. The first concept concept uses the IC , the second concept works with a single BJT, the third idea uses a IC M, in the fourth method we try LM IC , the 5th circuit shows how to charge multiple mobiles from a single source while the last or the 6th technique shows us how to use PWM for implementing an effective charging of a mobile phone. Warning: Although the concepts are all tested and technically correct, the author does not take any responsibility of the results, please do it at your own risk. A simple DC cell phone charger circuit is one of those mates of cell phone that cannot be ignored because a cell phone would be dead without a charger. But what happens if your cell phone gasps for power in the middle of a journey, probably when you are driving or biking away on a middle of a highway?

Some of you may be looking for this type of charger circuit diagram and components list. These mobile chargers uses only few parts, very simple.

Pcb Design Of Mobile Charger

Battery chargers come as simple, trickle, timer-based, intelligent, universal battery charger-analyzers, fast, pulse, inductive, USB based, solar chargers, and motion powered chargers. These battery chargers also vary depending on the applications like a mobile phone charger, battery charger for vehicles, electric vehicle batteries chargers and charge stations. Charging methods are classified into two categories: fast charge method and slow charge method. Fast charge is a system used to recharge a battery in about two hours or less than this, and the slow charge is a system used to recharge a battery throughout the night. Slow charging is advantageous as it does not require any charge detection circuit.

Refer to the pin configuration of Attach a 9v Battery and connect the mobile phone using a USB cable, we see that, the mobile charges well. Make this amazing toy yourself and contact us or share your experiences on our facebook page , twitter and instagram. Question 8 months ago. Reply 1 year ago.

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Wireless Mobile Charger Circuit Diagram

A DC cell phone or mobile phone charger is a device which charges a cellphone from an available DC supply source. The device converts the unregulated DC source into a constant current and constant voltage output which becomes safe for any mobile phone charging. In this article we learn how to build DC to DC cell phone charger circuits using 6 unique concepts.

This paper describes two designs of low cost current sources for battery charger applications based on the LMADJ switching stepdown converter and the MC regulator control circuit. This feature assures a basic protection against overcharge whose results can range from minor damage to catastrophic failure of the whole system. This circuit was designed to implement additional charge control based either on the microcontroller or on any other charging control unit in the system that operates from NiCd or NiMH batteries. The MC and this board may be used in a wide variety of applications. All functions needed are performed by just two integrated circuits and a small number of external components.

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charging of your mobile phone, this circuit provides you a regulated voltage of volts. 5 volts of DC voltage and USB Mobile Charger Circuit Diagram – Components used in this Circuit: •. RE. •. CuF/​25V.


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The market is flooded with cheap mobile charger circuit.


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