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Difference Between Hypermarket And Supermarket Pdf

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Supermarkets and hypermarkets are two different types of shopping stores where customers purchase their groceries, food, and other household supplies.

Difference Between Supermarket and Hypermarket

Selling goods especially that of essential nature is a popular form of business. No matter where you go, you can spot stores calling themselves one name or the other. While some call themselves as departmental stores, others are famously known as supermarkets. Apart from these you might have also heard the name hypermarkets. This will help you not just in decision making but also in understanding the target customers each of these stores have.

Between supermarket and hypermarket, a number of differences can be observed in terms of the size, the appearance, the service each offer, etc. Before discussing these differences, let us take a trip down the memory lane. How did your parents make a purchase of grocery items when you were a kid? Probably, they gave the shop owner a list of the items they needed and waited till the shop owner packed all the items taken out and weighed and packed. Even your parents did not have much of a choice when it came to choosing and comparing products, leave alone getting to know about schemes on some of the brands.

A hypermarket sometimes called a hyperstore or supercentre or superstore is a big-box store combining a supermarket and a department store. In theory, hypermarkets allow customers to satisfy all their routine shopping needs in one trip. Hypermarkets, like other big-box stores , typically have business models focusing on high-volume, low- margin sales. Because of their large footprints , many hypermarkets choose suburban or out-of-town locations that are easily accessible by automobile. Loblaws established its Real Canadian Superstore chain in It sells mainly groceries, while also retailing clothing, electronics and housewares.


Seeks to effect a comparison of the pricing strategies followed by hypermarkets, compared with those that discount stores carry out. Data were collected from the direct observation of the supermarket shelves of nine frequent purchase product categories in several hypermarkets and discount stores. Diverse statistical analyses were applied to these picked up data, such as mean comparisons, ANOVA and correspondence analysis. The article concludes that the hypermarkets tend to have higher mean prices, and use promotional tools more profusely than the discount stores. For future research, it would be very important to examine consumer price evaluations based on a theoretical approach in the same formats, and in this way consumer reactions to price changes could be understood. Therefore, retail managers of both formats have to know all about these pricing strategies. In this way, the managers of these firms would know the kind of customers that can be attracted and the signals and image that can be projected in the market.


Register now or log in to join your professional community. Key Difference: Supermarkets are large self-service grocery stores that offer customers a variety of foods and household supplies. The merchandise is organized into an organized aisle format, where each aisle is numbered or labeled and has only similar goods placed together. Hypermarkets are large retail establishments that are a combination of supermarket and department stores.

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Are hypermarket prices different from discount store prices?

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What is the Difference Between Hypermarket, Supermarket and Departmental Store?


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