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The SIGMA rat brain templates and atlases for multimodal MRI data analysis and visualization

Sign in Sign up. Laboratory Mice and Rats. A summary and overview of the mice and rats used in biomedical research, based on a survey of formal publications. Sprague-Dawley and Wistar are the main rat strains. Major research applications are in immunology, oncology, physiology, pathology, and neuroscience. CD-1 outbred, albino genetic variability positional cloning, genotypic selection, toxicology testing questionable CB17 SCID inbred, albino no T and B cells, tumor transplantation immunodeficient animal model for testing new cancer treatments and as hosts for human immune system tissues. Figure 4.

How Humans Are Like Rats

The laboratory rat is one of the most popular experimental models for the experimental surgery of the liver. The objective of this study was to investigate the morphometric parameters, physiological data, differences in configuration of liver lobes, biliary system, and vasculature arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels of the liver in laboratory rats. In addition, this study supports the anatomic literature and identified similarities and differences with human and other mammals. The results are listed in percentages. The anatomical nomenclature of the liver morphology, its arteries, veins, lymph nodes, and lymphatic vessels are in accordance with Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria.

The gross anatomy and morphometry of the kidney and renal arteries were studied in the strains of laboratory rat: Sprague-Dawley Sp and Wistar W rats. Total of three-dimensional endocasts of the intrarenal arteries of kidney that were prepared using standard injection-corrosion techniques were examined. The renal arteries were divided into a dorsal and a ventral branch. The dorsal and ventral branches were divided into two branches, the cranial and caudal branch. Renal arteries were classified into types I and II, depending on the cranial and caudal branches and their made of branching.

The Laboratory Rat

Housing and Maintenance. Rat Pathogens. Reproduction and Breeding. This reference series will provide all researchers using laboratory animals with comprehensive practical information on the various species. Each title in the series is devoted to a particular species, and draws together all available data in a "one-stop", easily accessible source.

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The Laboratory Rat: Relating Its Age With Human's

The purpose of this article is to provide for practitioners a comprehensive overview of respiratory diseases, both infectious and noninfectious, in the mouse, rat, hamster, and gerbil. The information presented will also be useful for veterinarians pursuing board certification. Anatomy and physiology are briefly addressed, as those two facets alone could encompass an entire article for these species.

Rat's age versus human's age: what is the relationship? The exact relationship between age of the animals compared with the age of humans is still subject to discussion and controversy. RESULTS: Rats rapidly develop during childhood and become sexually mature at about six weeks old, but reach social maturity five to six months later. In adulthood, every month of the animal is approximately equivalent to 2. Several authors performed experimental studies in rats and estimated 30 days of human life for every day life of the animal. Special care is necessary to be taken when the intention is to produce correlation with human life.

Morphological Characteristics of Renal Artery and Kidney in Rats

Her interests are physiological genomics and integrating phenotype and genotype data. Melinda R. Rat models have been used to investigate physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms for decades. With the availability of the rat genome and other online resources, tools to identify rat models that mimic human disease are an important step in translational research. Despite the large number of papers published each year using rat models, integrating this information remains a problem.

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IL , U. The book explain basic fundamental anatomy as well as physiology in very concise way. Any one who wants to known whats going on in human body like its structures and function this book is highly recommended.

By late 18 th or early 19 th century, albino rats became the most commonly used experimental animals in numerous biomedical researches, as they have been recognized as the preeminent model mammalian system. But, the precise correlation between age of laboratory rats and human is still a subject of debate. A number of studies have tried to detect these correlations in various ways, But, have not successfully provided any proper association. Thus, the current review attempts to compare rat and human age at different phases of their life.

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