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Understanding Positive and Negative Peace 4.

Strategy, Security, and Contemporary Warfare

This article discusses the complicated relationship between strategic studies and international relations, and that part of the latter discipline known as security studies. It argues that strategic studies deserves to stand alongside international relations as a direct subfield of political science. First, strategy is not so much a subset of security as its interactive partner. Students of strategy focus on the responses of states and other actors to the international security environment: If security is the condition, strategy is the reaction. Strategic action in turn affects the security conditions faced by other actors; again security is the condition, but strategy can also be the cause.

Center for Strategic & International Studies

The courses are designed to improve your knowledge of current security challenges, and enhance your skills to meet the demands of today's competitive security industry market. However, in consultation and agreement with UoP authorities, some students may be able to take the MAAS programme in a more flexible, incremental way, with a facility for extenuating circumstances allowing extended part-time study for a period of up to three years. International applicants will be required to provide evidence of their English language ability, for example by achieving an IELTS score of 6. Download a PDF version of our brochure. Distinctiveness of the MA programme MAAS is open to HNDC students, graduates, as well as graduates of colleges of equivalent status to HNDC and has been developed with the needs of working professionals in mind, with teaching concentrated into week-long blocks. University of Plymouth staff focusing their teaching on enhancing cognitive capability and critical thinking, impart learning, and communications skills that apply across the programme. The content is contemporary and policy focused, and the programme draws upon the academic modules of the HNDC International Senior Course in Applied Strategy Programme and expertise of policy makers and academics.

Realism: The Domination of Security Studies

Over the last few decades, analysis of international relations and strategic issues has developed rapidly in China, both within the Chinese Communist Party— state apparatus and in think tanks and universities. However, the richness of this field of study is in stark contrast to the absence of any real open reflection on the question of foresight. If, like other nations, China is committed to understanding the world in which it is evolving and to identifying possible changes, the function of foresight has not been conceptualised or institutionalised to the same degree as in the West. Nor are there any flagship publications such as those of the National Intelligence Council in the United States that would shine a light on the characteristics of foresight thinking in China.

Strategic studies is an interdisciplinary academic field centered on the study of conflict and peace strategies , often devoting special attention to the relationship between international politics , geostrategy , international diplomacy , international economics , and military power. In the scope of the studies are also subjects such as the role of intelligence , diplomacy , and international cooperation for security and defense. The subject is normally taught at the post-graduate academic or professional, usually strategic-political and strategic-military levels. Like Clausewitz, many academics in this field reject monocausal theories and hypotheses that reduce the study of conflict to one independent variable and one dependent variable. Instead of formulae, we find Clausewitz stressing, time and again, that the whole purpose of educating the military commander is not to give him a series of answers for the task he will face the complexities of which cannot be foreseen , but to educate him about different aspects of what will face him so as to let him evaluate the situation for himself, and develop his own strategy.


The Bachelor of Arts with a major in strategic and security studies program focuses on the theory and application of intelligence and military power to the construction of national defense policy. Through this interdisciplinary program students will be introduced to various aspects of security and will have the opportunity to specialize in one of the following five areas of concentration for the degree:.

Peace And Conflict Studies 3rd Edition Pdf

RUSI members have access to the very best defence and security analysis and are introduced to a network of peers, specialists and decision-makers. This is the elite tier of RUSI membership. Keeping you informed, engaged and connected - RUSI Individual membership places you at the heart of the global defence and security community.

The study of security has developed within International Relations as a gateway for understanding driving forces within international politics. Increasingly global and catastrophic conflict makes the study of security central to policy makers and academics seeking to understand, and predict, behaviour in global politics. Realism [1] describes the world order as a system of competing self-interested state actors under anarchy Baldwin 4, Buzan 60, Morgenthau

AN INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGIC STUDIES: Military Technology and. International Relations. Fram;ois de Rose: EUROPEAN SECURITY AND FRANCE.

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Explore archive content from our portfolio of strategic, defence and security studies journals.

Even as the India-Pakistan ceasefire decision on the LoC is in effect, India has affirmed that there would not be any let-up in its counter-terrorism efforts. Greater attention needs to be focused on effectively countering threats of radicalisation affecting India from Southeast Asia. The institution of Financial Advisor in any organization is a salient pillar of good governance and accountability. In a government organization, Integrated Finance serves as the sine qua non for most efficacious utilization of available funds. The Ministry of Defence in particular, with its prodigious and multifarious expenditure, stands to gain enormously if its resources are harnessed in the most productive manner possible. India and America enjoy amity in their bilateral relationship, but both share adversarial relations with China. What has cemented their global strategic partnership is the threat that both countries perceive from China.

Special attention is paid to the analysis of international issues in arms control, such as: the functioning of international regimes; limitation, reduction, prohibition and non-proliferation of arms; and the activities of international organisations in this field. The academic programme is aimed at training non-military experts with the necessary knowledge to work in government agencies, international organisations, research centres and the media that are somehow related to the solution, study or coverage of military-political issues in present-day international relations. The scope of application of the acquired knowledge and skills is quite diverse: government agencies, the media, and research centres. The growing demand for such experts is currently determined by the fact that the reform of the armed forces in many countries at present presupposes a significant increase in civil-military cooperation. Graduates of the master's programme will also be in demand in various international organisations and research centres, including: the United Nations; the International Atomic Energy Agency; the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons; and Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The programme is unique in that it provides an in-depth study of current military-political issues.

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