specificity and sensitivity of rbpt antigen in sheep and goat are not known pdf

Specificity And Sensitivity Of Rbpt Antigen In Sheep And Goat Are Not Known Pdf

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Show all documents These results occur for a variety of many reasons which are found most prominent cross reactions with other bacteria including Yersinia enterocolitica , which share with Brucella spp.

The aim was to study the seroprevalence and efficacy of the different serological tests used for detection of antibody against Brucella species in small ruminants of Banaskantha district of North-Gujarat. Total serum samples comprising of from sheep and from goat tested for detection of antibodies against the Brucella species by three different serological tests viz.

Getachew, G. Sintayehu, M. Getenet, A. Box 04, Sebeta, Ethiopia.

Recombinant Proteins as Antigens in Serological Diagnosis of Brucellosis

The aim was to study the seroprevalence and efficacy of the different serological tests used for detection of antibody against Brucella species in small ruminants of Banaskantha district of North-Gujarat. Total serum samples comprising of from sheep and from goat tested for detection of antibodies against the Brucella species by three different serological tests viz. The seroprevalence of brucellosis in small ruminants was The seroprevalence of brucellosis was found to be higher in sheep than goats.

Brucellosis in India is a very common but often neglected disease [ 2 ]. Brucellosis due to B. Sheep brucellosis can be divided into classical brucellosis and ram epididymitis. Ram epididymitis is caused by non-zoonotic agent B. There are about , new human cases of brucellosis reported annually worldwide making it the most common zoonosis [ 6 ]. Sulima and Venkataraman [ 7 ] calculated the average annual economic loss due to brucellosis per animal on sheep was found to be INR.

Brucellosis appears to be increase in recent times, perhaps due to increased trade and rapid movement of livestock [ 2 ]. Free grazing and movement with frequent mixing of flocks of sheep and goats are the main mode of disease transmission resulting in high prevalence and wide distribution of brucellosis in these animals in India [ 8 ]. Status of the diseases in small ruminants in the country can be known only through effective sero-monitoring using serological tests and random sampling methods for the disease.

The economic importance of brucellosis in sheep and goats requires the use of sensitive and rapid diagnostic methods. Diagnosis of B. The laboratory isolation and identification of Brucella organisms are most reliable methods of diagnosis but are not successful always, is not practicable in terms of time and labor for field and laboratory personnel when large numbers of animals are involved and also cumbersome and pose great risk to the laboratory personnel.

The biotechnological procedures require the establishment of advanced laboratories and trained persons. Rose bengal plate test RBPT is simple and easy to perform and can be used as herd screening test at remote places. Standard tube agglutination test STAT quantifies total agglutinating antibodies and higher detection rates had been reported through STAT in sheep and goat [ 12 ].

Recently, Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA has taken over as an important serological tool in the diagnosis of brucellosis because of its economy, sensitivity, specificity, rapidity, reproducibility, and easy interpretation through colorimetric end product [ 13 ]. Enzyme immunoassays are superior to all other tests in terms of specificity and sensitivity [ 12 ]. Due to non-availability of a gold standard test except isolation of organism which is a cumbersome process the improvement and validation of available serological tests is a needed as it enhances the specificity and sensitivity of the test.

Small ruminants play a significant role in supporting the livelihood system of the rural poorest men and women. They are unaware about brucellosis disease. Gujarat state is known for its rich biodiversity in most of the livestock species. Banaskantha district has thousand goats and thousand sheep population [ 14 ]. Goat and sheep-rearing continues to be a backward profession and thus has acquired very less attention. Thus, the aim of the present study was sero-screening of brucellosis in the cases of abortion and various reproductive disorders in sheep and goats by using three serological tests viz.

The seroprevalence of brucellosis carried out in small ruminants of Banaskantha district of Gujarat, India. Banaskantha district is situated in Northwestern part of the Gujarat. The district is encompassed by Next to the desert is the border of Pakistan.

The normal climate of the district and mainly three seasons viz. The normal rainfall of the district could be considered at mm. It is the second largest district in the state.

Total serum samples of small ruminants comprising from sheep and from goats, having the history of abortion and reproductive disorders like endometritis, retention of placenta, infertility and repeat breeding, were randomly collected from different 17 locations of six taluka viz. All the serum samples tested for the presence of Brucella antibodies by using three serological tests viz. To perform the test, antigen and serum were brought to the room temperature. The bottle containing antigen was shaken well to ensure homogenous suspension.

Then after, one drop 0. The slide was rotated for 4 min and observed immediately then after 4 min for results.

A result was considered as positive when there was noticeable agglutination found after 4 min for results Figure In order to perform the test, 0. Then after 0. The 0. Sera samples showing agglutination at 40 IU titer per ml of serum or above was considered as to be positive Figure Serum tube agglutination test, Tube No. In order to perform the test, samples, reagents, and plate s were brought to room temperature prior to starting the test.

The sides of the plate were tapped to ensure even distribution of the antigen over the bottom of each well. After incubation, the plate was washed with ml of washing buffer. For manual washing, the contents of the wells were dumped into a sink and the free content was removed by striking. The plate inverted on a clean paper towel for 4 times. Immediately, the wells were filled with washing buffer using a multichannel pipette and the washing procedure was repeated for 2 times.

The plate was removed from the shaker and washed three times with washing buffer. Immediately after adding the stopping solution, the plate was read in the ELISA plate reader at nm wavelength Figure Percent positivity PP value was calculated as follows:. The overall seroprevalence of brucellosis in small ruminants was Earlier, similar seroprevalence of brucellosis was reported by Shome et al. Teshale et al.

Ashenafi et al. In comparison to the present study high seroprevalence was obtained by Esendal et al. The overall prevalence of brucellosis in sheep of Kashmir valley was 6. The reason for this seroprevalence in small ruminants could be variation in management practices, frequent introduction of new animals without proper serological testing, no any practice of isolation, and removal of animals with high incidence of abortions, frequent mixing of one infected flock to another, mixing of different species, no any proper disposals of aborted fetus and placental membranes, and contamination of healthy animal to contaminated feed and water.

In the present study, when three serological tests were compared, highest seropositivity was found by RBPT Similar results noted by Rahman et al. Din et al. Shome et al. It may be due to the ability of each test to detect different antibody classes. Beside this, RBPT was highly sensitive but heterospecific.

Similarly, Tayshete [ 27 ] reported Awandkar et al. Hence, I-ELISA has been found to detect antibodies in chronically infected animals while RBPT detects antibodies only in acutely infected animals and it is high sensitive and specific for antibody detection; this method has been recommended to be stable and suitable test for routine diagnosis of brucellosis in small ruminants. On the basis of the present study, we conclude that seroprevalence of brucellosis was prevalent in small ruminants of the study area.

Seroprevalence of brucellosis was significantly more frequent in sheep as compared to goats. Although, there is a need of further evaluation using serum samples from bacteriological isolation positive animal. Beside this, control and prevention programs should be started at the state and national levels for decreasing the incidence of brucellosis.

For this an extension education campaign about risk factors of disease, economic, and zoonotic importance of disease should be stated particularly in the high-risk areas, among veterinary practitioners and livestock owners and regular sero-surveillance of the disease needed to know the status of control and prevention programs.

Sc thesis program. HHP conceptualized the aim of the study, designed, planned and supervised the experiment and corrected the manuscript. Collection of samples, execution of the experimental study, collation and analysis of data, interpretation of the results, and drafting the manuscript was done by DBS.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Vet World v. Vet World. Published online May 4. Dashrath B. Sadhu , 1 H. Panchasara , 1 H. Chauhan , 2 D. Sutariya , 1 V. Parmar , 1 and H. Prajapati 1. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author: Dashrath B. Sadhu, e-mail: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Abstract Aim: The aim was to study the seroprevalence and efficacy of the different serological tests used for detection of antibody against Brucella species in small ruminants of Banaskantha district of North-Gujarat. Materials and Methods: Total serum samples comprising of from sheep and from goat tested for detection of antibodies against the Brucella species by three different serological tests viz. Results: The seroprevalence of brucellosis in small ruminants was

Recombinant Proteins as Antigens in Serological Diagnosis of Brucellosis

Metrics details. Brucellosis is a serious zoonosis disease that frequently causes significant economic loss in animal husbandry and threatens human health. Therefore, we established a rapid, accurate, simple and sensitive fluorescent immunochromatographic strip test ICST based on quantum dots QDs for detection the antibodies of Brucella infection animals serum. The test strips were successfully prepared by quantum dot fluorescent microspheres QDFM as tracers, which were covalently coupled to an outer membrane protein of Brucella OMP The outer membrane protein OMP28 and monoclonal antibodies of OMP22 were separately dispensed onto a nitrocellulose membrane as test and quality control lines, respectively. The repeatability was excellent with an overall average CV of 8. Under optimum conditions, the limit of detection was 1.

Infection in Male Goats and Sheep | Find, read and cite all the (a) Positive result showing agglutination particles of antigen-antibody reaction; (b) Negative result: showing no Human infection due to Brucella from camels is known to while in goats RBPT and ICA were equal with sensitivity but ICA was.

Brucellosis is a world-wide extended zoonosis that causes a grave problem in developing economies. Animal vaccination and diagnosis are essential to control brucellosis, and the need for accurate but also simple and low-cost tests that can be implemented in low-infrastructure laboratories has been emphasized. Sera from cattle vaccinated with S19 and RB51 brucellosis vaccines were also tested. Vaccine S19 administered subcutaneously interfered in all tests but conjunctival application minimized the problem.

Brucellosis is a zoonosis of public health importance worldwide. In Tanzania, the disease is underreported due to insufficient awareness, inadequate diagnostic protocols, including lack of appropriate reagents for diagnosis. Livestock and wildlife are considered potential sources of infection to humans; however, the role played by these carriers in the epidemiology of the disease in the ecosystems in Tanzania is not fully understood. The objective of this study was to establish the prevalence of anti- Brucella antibodies in humans, wildlife and livestock; and molecular prevalence of Brucella spp in cattle and goats in the Katavi- Rukwa ecosystem.

Brucellosis is considered the major zoonosis in developing countries. In susceptible animal species, diagnosis of brucellosis remains a challenge due to the variety of clinical signs that it shares with a wide range of diseases. At present, isolation of Brucella is considered the gold standard for diagnosis of brucellosis; because of its low sensitivity and becoming potentially hazardous to laboratory technicians, serology is used for the detection of specific antibodies induced by infection.

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PDF | Five serological assays were evaluated for the diagnosis of brucellosis in goats: With the sera from 55 B. melitensis culture-positive goats, the sensitivity was negative (% specific) when testing the sera from brucella-free goats. sheep. brucellosis. (16),. including. immunoenzymatic. tests,. have. not. been.

Veterinary Medicine International

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