dominant and submissive contract pdf

Dominant And Submissive Contract Pdf

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Published: 13.12.2020

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It is especially important if your kinky playtime is way more than just occasional tying and spanking as it helps to set a common ground and release yourself into your roles fully. It also has to be consensual and signed by both parties agreeing to everything that is outlined inside. As with all the other contracts, there are a few key parts you need to know before crafting your own BDSM contract template. Dominant — the person that has all the power over the Submissive and is responsible for all the arrangements during the BDSM scene. Boundaries — a set of soft and hard limits for the punishments, bondage, and humiliation that are not allowed during the acene. The Dominant can only use the punishments they agreed on upon signing the contract and can decide when the Submissive deserves to be punished and if they deserve to be rewarded. Safe Word — the world both parties agree on to be used if any party is feeling uncomfortable, wants to slow down, or is approaching their limits.

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BDSM Dominant/submissive Contract

Download this Agreement in PDF format. The submissive will obey any instructions given by the Dom immediately without hesitation or reservation and in an expeditious manner. The submissive will agree to any sexual activity deemed fit and pleasurable by the Dom excepting those activities which are outlined in hard limits Appendix 2. They will do so eagerly and without hesitation. The submissive will ensure they achieve a minimum of eight hours sleep a night when not with the Dom. The submissive will eat regularly to maintain her health and wellbeing from a prescribed list of foods Appendix 4.

Beginner BDSM Contracts – Learn About Kink Communication

This is my recounting of the year my husband and I began exploring Power Exchange both inside and outside of the bedroom. Feel free to use this contract as a template for what will or will not work for your relationship. I, Chloe Donnovan, with a free mind and open heart request of Leo Donnovan that he accept the submission of my will unto him. I ask that as my Dominant, Leo Donnovan takes me into his care and guidance and encourages growth together in love, trust, and mutual respect. It is my desire as a submissive to satisfy his needs and desires whenever possible, in hopes that I will be found pleasing to him.


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